Looking back at D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2014


As this years D&AD New Blood Exhibition for 2015 approaches I thought I would take a look back at some of the work I saw from last years show. If you’ve never been to the D&AD New Blood Exhibition then I suggest you go, its full young and extremely talented creatives exhibiting what they do best to the creative masses. The Exhibition is held in Spitalfields Market in East London, the market is transformed for this event into a creative metropolis full of inspiration.


Below is some of the work that caught my eye and blew my mind last year.

IMG_3024 copy



IMG_3005 copy copy

The young and talented creative I felt stole the show last year was Falmouth illustrator David Doran. I had a brief chat with David as I had recognised his work previous to the exhibition. When talking with David I found out why I found his work so familiar, even before graduating he has had his work featured in the New York Times, a couple of other publications and a number of creative blogs. The piece I recognised was his piece for the New York Times Book Review which happened to be on the beautiful business card David handed me, thanks David.


Each of David’s incredible Illustrations are set in a scene, a moment in time even. The magic of these Illustrations are that they capture something in that moment that sparks that inquisitive voice in your head, trying to work out whats going on. The moment I saw David’s work I was in awe of the talent this young Illustrator has and that I look forward to seeing his work any chance I get.

Overall I am extremely excited to see what this years D&AD New Blood Exhibition has in store for us. I know that your not only witness to the incredible work on show, but what makes this event so great is the atmosphere built-up by the raw creative talents that surround you and passion for what they do. That is what makes the D&AD New Blood Exhibition experience a truly inspiring one.

3 thoughts on “Looking back at D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2014

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for checking out the blog! It was a pleasure speaking to you and getting to see your work. I should be posting the New Blood show later this week. If your on twitter you can follow my posts on there save you keeping an eye out.


      1. Thanks Marco, it was a pleasure meeting you too! Thanks for the loverly write up as well, very flattered 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t got Twitter, but I’m always around here, so I don’t mind keeping an eye out. 😉


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