D&AD New Blood Exhibition Extended

As there was so much to take in from this years D&AD New Blood Exhibition I thought I would add this collection of work that caught my eye.

Jenny Tang is an illustrator that interested me, she not only screen printed her illustrations which is a process I am extremely fond of, but  has also included elements of design. This cross over of illustrators producing works that included illustration and design is something I have noticed across a number of exhibitions the last couple of years. Jenny and I got talking and asked her what it was as an illustrator that attracted her to include elements of design into her work? Jenny said that she saw design as a skill that she wanted to have and being able to demonstrate that in her work would only be beneficial.



Jenny’s illustrated screen prints were part of a project called ‘Battle of the Beasts’ which is a hypothetical event held in Whipsnade Zoo, you are split into teams sloth bear, sealion, wild boar and zedbra, hence the beautifully illustrated animals. The goal is to earn points for your team by attending talks and winning games set up around the Zoo, this is demonstrated by the vibrant map above, giving the feeling of personality and fun to the event, great work Jenny.

Some truly inspiring design work by Chris Newton, with his infofraphics ‘Life without bees’. This stunning work by Chris was to raise awareness and to highlight the issue in the decline in bee numbers and what that affects. I look forward to seeing more of Chris’s work in the future as he truly is a graphic designer that understands the responsibility we have as designers and the power of visual communication.



Tatsunori Ishikawa’s work definitely had the wow factor, with his abstract sound waves projected above his work, to his optical illusions working co-inside with his visuals. This graphic designer certainly went all out, to the quality of the finish to the strength behind his process was inspiring to hear. I could see how passionate Tatsunori is about design, this showed when not only taking about his work but his work its self. Tatsunori is an extremely talented designer and I hope to see more of his work very soon.




Here is a quirky combination of infographics and typography all about vinyl 101 by David Shearon. Unfortunately David wasn’t around to talk to, but I got to appreciate his wonderful work in all its quirks.


IMG_3414 copy

Speakeasy was a delightfully illustrated card game created by Jessica Lauw. At first it was the illustrated posters that caught my eye but when I got talking to Jessica she showed me that it was actually a retro card game based around the 1920’s, mafia gangs and prohibition, sounds great right, I actually wanted to buy a pack there and then and play. I thought the style of Jessica’s illustrations not only fitted the era she was inspired by but could quite easily see her illustrative skills used commercially, truly great work.



Again this is not all the work I viewed at the D&AD New Blood 2015 as the standard was so high. I look forward to seeing what’s in store from next years New Bloods and I hope you enjoyed the work of these talented young creatives as much as I did.

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