London Transport Museum


I recently had the pleasure of visiting the London transport museum, where to my delight, was full of design treasure. There was a vast range of amazing artwork to see, from poster designs, badges, signage, maps and even their typeface all shown throughout the history of London transport. The part of what was on display that caught my eye was the development of the Underground brand identity and seeing how the signage style has changed over the years, revealing the evolution of it’s logotype, also known as the roundel. I believe the roundel to be a true testament to logo design, first appearing in 1908 and still in use today.

I thought I would share with you my design highlights from the Transport Museum as seen below.



IMG_4232 copy









Johnston Sans, the elegant Sans Serif typeface designed by Edward Johnston, on display in the form of wooden printing blocks, Johnston Sans originally known as ‘Underground’ was printed using letter press. This corporate typeface has truly stood the test of time as it is known to be one of the longest lasting corporate typefaces ever used.



Some of the most vibrant artwork from the Transport Museum is that of artist Horace Taylor, these iconic posters are well worth the trip for any creative to be inspired by.







The incredible use of the London transport design elements as shown within the classic collection of vehicles on display. Not only do these classic buses, taxis, trains and trams inspire a feeling of a time these vehicles were once a common sight, but now they are something to admire, with every little detail of brand identity used to dress these beautiful vehicles of old. Some of us might even still remember using these vehicles from a childhood long ago I know I did.












As a creative I was truly inspired by what the London transport museum has to offer, I would highly recommend getting yourself down to Covent Garden and buying a ticket to see all these visual wonders, as well as some trains and other things. The great thing about the ticket to this museum is that it actually lasts all year round, so its also worth going more than just the once, just in case you missed anything last time.

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