Big Bang Data: Exhibition

I recently visited Somerset House near Covent Garden, to see the exciting exhibition called Big Bang Data. This exhibition caught my interest as it’s main focus was on the world of data, this got me thinking, there has to be some beautiful infographics on display with a big bold title like Big Bang Data? Of course there was a mammoth range of infographic wonders to … Continue reading Big Bang Data: Exhibition

London Transport Museum

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the London transport museum, where to my delight, was full of design treasure. There was a vast range of amazing artwork to see, from poster designs, badges, signage, maps and even their typeface all shown throughout the history of London transport. The part of what was on display that caught my eye was the development of the Underground … Continue reading London Transport Museum

D&AD New Blood Exhibition Extended

As there was so much to take in from this years D&AD New Blood Exhibition I thought I would add this collection of work that caught my eye. Jenny Tang is an illustrator that interested me, she not only screen printed her illustrations which is a process I am extremely fond of, but  has also included elements of design. This cross over of illustrators producing … Continue reading D&AD New Blood Exhibition Extended

Looking back at D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2014

As this years D&AD New Blood Exhibition for 2015 approaches I thought I would take a look back at some of the work I saw from last years show. If you’ve never been to the D&AD New Blood Exhibition then I suggest you go, its full young and extremely talented creatives exhibiting what they do best to the creative masses. The Exhibition is held in … Continue reading Looking back at D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2014

Cambridge School of Art Degree Show

As it is the season for degree shows we thought we would take a look at the latest graduates work of the Cambridge School of Art. There was a vast amount of work across all categories, but our attention was drawn towards the talents of the illustration students. Illustration graduate Hannah Bigley’s striking print works truly stood out to us, with her beautiful combinations of … Continue reading Cambridge School of Art Degree Show